Cook with passion, purpose and intensity or don’t cook at all.


Mixed Kebab £6.50
Chicken Tikka £4.95
Shish Kebab £4.95
Tikka Chat (Chicken) £5.50
Spicy Shrimps £6.95
Samosa – Vegetable £4.95
Papri-Aloo-Chat – Chick Peas & Potatoes  £4.95
Chicken Pokora £5.95
Panir Tikka Pokara – Indian Cheese Kebab £5.95
Piazza – Depp fried onions and lentil nuggets £4.95
Garlic Jinga Amritsari – Spicy king prawns, deep fried £6.95


Southern Indian Dishes

Kholee Molee
Marinated chicken, mildly spiced with coconut, almonds and herbs in a creamy sauce – mild.  £9.95

Kholee Bahar

Chicken and minced lamb, delicately blended and cooked in herbs and spices.  £9.95

Kholee Piaz Mirchi

Chicken cooked with green peppers, green chillies and onions in a thick sauce – fairly hot! £9.95

Kholee Zalaloo
Chicken cooked with chillies and coconut sauce – very hot £9.95

Althoo Rosan Mirchi
Lamb cooked with fresh garlic and green chillies in a thick sauce – fairly hot £11.95

Erachi Vella
Lamb cooked in Southern Indian spices and tomatoes,  onions and mushrooms in a thick sauce – medium £11.95

Kholee Salan
Chicken cooked in Southern Indian spices with tomatoes, onions and mushrooms in a thick sauce – medium  £9.95

Kholee Caffrael
Chicken cooked with black pepper, mustard and red chillies in spicy sauce. £9.95

Althooo Chettinad
Lamb cooked with red chillies, tamarind & black pepper in a hot spicy sauce  £11.95

Erachi Porial
Lamb cooked in south Indian spices with mustard & red chillies-fairly hot £11.95

Kholee Uppakari
Chicken cooked in south Indian spices with fresh ginger & coconut sauce-medium to spicy £11.95

Kholee Malabar
Chicken cooked with fresh mint, garlic, yogurt & butter in a rich and tangy sauce-medium to hot £11.95

Tandoori Main Dishes

Chicken Tikka Mossala
Diced chicken tikka marinated in  yoghurt  with  delicate herbs and spices cooked in specially  flavoured  sauce. £9.95

Lamb Passanda
Diced lamb, marinated and barbecued on skewers over charcoal. £11.95

Tandoori Mixed Mossala
Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, prawn marinated in yoghurt with delicate herbs and spices cooked in specially flavoured sauce. £11.95

Jinga Tikka Mossala
Tiger prawns marinated and spiced barbecued on skewers over charcoal then cooked with specially flavoured sauce with  fresh cream. £14.95

Chicken Shashlik
Diced chicken or lamb, marinated and barbecued over charcoal with onion, tomato and mushroom.  £12.95

Chicken Tikka
Diced chicken or lamb, marinated and barbecued over charcoal £9.95

Tandoori Garlic Chilli Chicken
Fairly hot tandoori chicken pieces cooked with fresh garlic, green chillies with yoghurt sauce.  £10.95

Sagoti Chicken Tikka
Medium spiced chicken tikka cooked with ginger, mustard and spinach. £9.95

Methi Tikka Bhuna
Baked chicken cooked with methi leaves, capsicum, tomatoes, herbs and spices. £11.95

Panir Tikka Bahar
Baked chicken, rich and mild. Cooked with almonds, creams and Indian cheese. £12.95

Rezela Chicken or Lamb
Tikka cooked in hot and tangy sauce made with fresh green chilli, coconut fresh garlic-hot & tangy £11.95

Curry Specialities

Chicken or lamb pieces cooked with green peppers, fresh green chillies and onions in a thick tasty sauce – fairly hot.
Chicken £9.95 | Lamb £10.95 | Tiger Prawn £13.95

Cooked with tomatoes and green pepper in a tasty sauce.
Chicken £9.95 | Lamb £10.95

Chicken or lamb spiced with herbs and cashew nuts.
Chicken £9.95 | Lamb £10.95

Bhuna Chingry
Prawns, tomatoes and green peppers in a tasty sauce. £13.95

Mildly spiced lamb or chicken spiced with a touch of cream and coconut.
Chicken £9.95 | Lamb £10.95 | King Prawns £13.95

Cooked with lentils – hot & sour.
Chicken £9.95 | Lamb 10.95 | Tiger Prawns £13.95

Fairly Hot
Chicken £9.95 | Lamb £10.95 | Tiger Prawns £13.95

Very Hot
Chicken £9.95 | Lamb £10.95

Balti Experience
A medium curry prepared with tomatoes, peppers, fenugreek and coriander

Chicken £7.95 | Lamb £7.95

Balti Garlic – Chicken £8.95

Chicken & Mushroom – Chicken £7.95

Lemon Chicken – Chicken £7.95

Tikka Masala – Chicken £8.95

Tiger Prawns – £14.95

Vegetable £8.95 | Lamb 10.95

Vegetable Jalfrazi – Vegetable £8.95

Massala Vegetable – Vegetable £8.95


Chicken Biryani
Pilao rice, gently fried in ghee (Indian butter) served with vegetable curry.
Chicken £11.95 | Lamb £11.95

Tiger Prawn Biryani
Tiger prawns and pilao rice gently fried in ghee, served with vegetable curry.
Tiger Prawns £15.95

Sabji Biryani
Pilao rice gently fried in ghee and served with vegetable curry.
Vegetable £10.50

Chicken Tikka Biryani
Diced chicken marinated and barbecued over charcoal with pilao rice gently, fried in ghee served with vegetable curry.
Chicken £13.95

Seafood Mains

Kerala Jinga
Tiger prawns delicately spiced cooked in a mustard & red chilli sauce £14.95

Jinga Molee
Fresh Tiger prawns with coconut, almonds and green herbs in a creamy sauce – mild £14.95

Jinga Mandaraj
Tiger prawns cooked in a coconut & green chilli sauce – medium £14.95

Jinga Rosun Mirchi
Tiger prawns with garlic, green chillies in a thick sauce-fairly – hot £14.95

Jinga Varuval
Marinated Tiger prawns stir fried with mushrooms, onions, green pepper-dry & medium £14.95

Goan Red Jinga
Tiger prawns cooked in a hot spicy sauce made with tamarind, coconut milk & red chillies £14.95

Jinga Panir Malai
Tiger prawns cooked with Indian cheese & honey in a creamy butter sauce – mild £14.95

Fish Malabar
Cooked with fresh mint, garlic in a creamy coconut sauce – mild £14.95

Vegetarian Mains

Sabji Molee
Fresh mixed vegetables marinated in yoghurt with coconut, almonds, green herbs in a creamy sauce – mild £8.95

Sabji Piaz Mirchi
Mixed fresh vegetables with onions, green chillies, fresh coriander in a thick sauce – fairly hot £8.95

Chana Palak Panir
Chickpeas cooked with spinach & Indian cheese – mild £8.95

Sabji Palak Panir
Fresh vegetables cooked with lentils in a hot & sour sauce £8.95

Aloo Palak
Potato & spinach cooked with garlic, ginger and fresh coriander – medium £8.95

Panir Sabki Tikka Mossala
Mild Indian cheese and vegetables marinated and cooked in a specially flavoured sauce £8.95

Hariana Sabji
Mixed vegetables cooked in coconut milk, garlic & green chilli sauce £8.95

Chilli Sabji Panir
Indian cheese and vegetables cooked with fresh garlic & green chilli – fairly hot £8.95

Massala Chana Dall
Chickpeas and lentils – fairly spicy £8.95

Goan Red Chilli Sabji
Mixed vegetables cooked with red chillies in a tamarind sauce – hot £8.95

Palak Dal
Spiced spinach & lentil cooked with fresh garlic and ginger in a mild butter £8.95


Sag Bhajee £4.50

Bombay Aloo
Slightly hot spiced potatoes £4.50

Mushroom Bhajee
Spiced mushrooms £4.50

Lentils spiced with garlic £4.50

Sag Aloo
Spinach and potato £4.50

Sobji Bhajee
Dry, mixed vegetables £4.50

Matir Panir
Peas with Indian cottage cheese £4.50

Chana Chotpoti
Dry spiced chick peas £4.50

Bhindi Bhajee
Dry gently spiced okra £4.50

Sag Panir
Spinach & Indian cheese £4.50


Special Rice £3.95
Pilau Rice £3.50
Mushroom Rice £3.95
Lemon Rice £3.95
Garlic Rice £3.95
Boiled Rice £2.95
Vegetable Rice £3.95
Nan £2.95
Kemma Nan or Cheese Nan £3.50
Peshwari Nan £3.50
Garlic Nan £3.50
Popadum (spicy/plain) £1.00
Pickles per Person £1.00