Cook with passion, purpose and intensity or don’t cook at all.

Basket of Popadoms & Pickles (for 2) £3.95


Beef Kebab
(mince beef marinated in aromatic spices) served with homemade chutney £5.50

Chicken Strips
(marinated with yoghurt, southern Indian spices) served with tamarind sauce £4.95

Lamb Amritsari
(Slow cooked lamb battered with chickpeas flour in southern Indian spice) £5.50

(Punjabi Style, pastry filled with potatoes, crushed red chillies, mustard seed & garam masala) served with minted yoghurt. £4.50

Kumbi Garlic Tikka
(fresh button mushrooms with garlic butter & hung yoghurt) £4.50

Onion Bhajie
(onion fried with lentils in a light chickpeas flour) £4.50

Cod Amritsari
(fresh cod battered with chickpeas flour, ginger, mustard, roasted garlic, fresh lemon juice & Kashmiri chillies) £6.50

Paneer Tikka
(cottage cheese in tempura batter) served with sweet chilli sauce £6.50

Battered Soft Shell Crab
(with sweet chilli sauce) £6.95


Chicken / Meat / Duck Main Courses

Kholee Molee
(south indian style mildly spiced chicken with creamed coconut sauce,mustard seed, fresh fenugreek leaf & herbs) £9.95

Erachi Vella
(lamb cooked in southern Indian spices, tomato, onion, mushrooms in a thick medium sauce garnished with fresh mint) £9.95

Chicken/Lamb Caffrael
(Punjabi style cooked in black pepper, mustard, home crushed red chillies in a tamarind sauce with a touch of fresh lime juice) £9.95

Chicken/Lamb Uppakari
(marinated in fresh herbs, southern Indian spices, fresh ginger,coconut milk, chilli flakes in a light tangy sauce) £10.95

Chicken/Lamb Malabar
(south Indian style, cooked with fresh mint, pineapple, garlic, onion & curry leaves in a rich tangy sauce) £12.95

Chicken/Lamb Rezala
(marinated with Kashmiri spices, cooked in coconut sauce, fried fresh garlic & home crushed red chillies) £9.95

Chicken/Lamb Sagoti
(aromatic spice, fresh spinach, cooked in fresh ginger & mustard seed)    £9.95

Chicken/Lamb Chettinad
(grounded spice cooked in fresh fried garlic with green chilli paste, fresh coriander & curry leaves) £9.95

Chicken/Lamb Jalfrazi
(cooked with capsicum, onion, fresh red chilli & a tomato based gravy)    £9.95

Chicken/Lamb Dhansak
(cooked in red lentils, sweet tamarind, home crushed red chilli, fresh lemon juice in a hot & sour sauce) £9.95

Chicken/Lamb Rogan
(traditional Kashmiri spices blended with tomato, yogurt & green cumin)  £9.95

Chicken Tikka masala
(diced chicken tikka, marinated in yogurt with delicate herbs & spices cooked in chef’s special flavour sauce) £9.95

Chicken Shashlik
(diced chicken marinated cooked in a clay oven served with onion, tomatoes & mushrooms) £11.95

Dum Biryani chicken/lamb/veg
(fragrant basmati rice cooked in a sealed pot with herbs & spices served with yoghurt raita) £9.95

Tamarind Duck
(slow cooked duck breast in a homemade sweet tamarind sauce with chef’s special spices) £14.95

Minted Lamb Shank
(slow cooked melt in your mouth braised lamb shank with onion, tomato in a minted jus) £16.95

Seafood Mains

Goan Red Seabass
(delicately spiced seabass with coconut milk, touch of red chilli flakes on a bed of spinach) £14.95

Salmon Molee
(cooked with creamed coconut sauce, mustard seed, fresh curry leaves with broccoli) £15.95

Cod Malabar
(battered fresh cod cooked in fresh mint, pineapple and garlic in a creamy saffron jus) £14.95

Grilled Tiger Prawns
(marinated in Kashmiri spice served with garlic butter & tomato sauce) £14.95

Tawa Prawns
(aromatically spiced flash fried prawns with fresh garlic, onion, tomato, curry leaves & green peppers) £14.95

Vegetarian Mains

Sabji Molee
(southern Indian style mix vegetables mildly spiced with creamed coconut sauce, mustard seed, fenugreek leaf and fresh herbs) £8.95

Goan Red Chilli Sabji
(mix vegetables with roasted cumin, coriander, crushed red chilli, tamarins sauce in coconut milk) £8.95

Kumbi Mali Paneer
(fresh button mushrooms & Indian cottage cheese delicately spiced with fresh herbs and pineapple in a creamy butter sauce) £8.95

Masala Chana Dhal
(chickpeas & red lentils with darjeeling tea cooked in tomato, chilli flakes & garam masala) £8.95

Paneer Sabji Masala
(indian cottage cheese cooked with fresh mix vegetables, fresh ginger, red chilli, coconut milk in a mildly spiced flavoured sauce) £8.95


Mushroom Bhajee
(fresh mushrooms in garlic, tomato & fresh herbs) £4.50

Sag Aloo
(potato & spinach cooked in garlic and ginger) £4.50

Bombay Aloo
(potato cooked in fresh tomato, onion, crushed black pepper & cumin) £4.50

Dal Roshun
(yellow lentils sizzled in fresh garlic) £4.50

Chana chotpoti
(chickpeas cooked in onion & crushed red chilli) £4.50

Sag Paneer
(fresh spinach, Bengal masala, cooked with indian cottage cheese, honey & cream) £4.50

Bhindi Bhajee
(cumin, tempered stir fried okra, onion, tomato & chaat masala) £4.50

Garlic Broccoli
(fresh broccoli stir fried with fresh garlic and tomato sauce) £4.50


Basmati Rice £2.95

Saffron Rice £3.50

Mushroom Rice £3.95

Vegetable Rice £3.95

Plain Nan bread £2.95

Garlic Nan bread £2.95

Peshwari Naan bread £3.50

Keema Naan bread £3.50


Banana & Sultana with Baileys liqueur in a cream bake £6.95

Pistacio Kulfi with pouring cream £4.95

Warm Gulab jamun with vanilla ice-cream £4.95

Pineapple fritta with honey and vanilla ice-cream £4.95

All hot drinks £2.95

All liqueur coffee £4.95